Friday , September 25 2020
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Money pours in to GoFundMe for armless artist that was robbed | News

ATHENS, Ga. (CBS46) – Less than 48 hours after CBS46’s Adam Murphy showed you how someone robbed a beloved Athens artist, the worldwide community is coming together to show their love for him in a big way.

The artist, Michael Davenport, lost both arms to an electrical accident as a child. He didn’t let the accident slow him down and for the past 38 years; he’s been drawing masterpieces with his mouth. Then last week, Michael was the victim of a crime while he was taking a break from his work. Davenport was drawing in the Clarke Crossing parking lot on Atlanta Highway. When he took a break, someone stole his markers, canvases, and cash

“I started breaking down and crying. All my tools are gone, what am I going to do,” Davenport said Tuesday.

Thieves steal from armless artist

After replacing his supplies, he decided to set up shop in the same parking lot, perfecting his Bulldog prints. He was met with generous in-person support when he set up shop again in the same parking lot. And while the criminals who tried to deprive him of his tools, and the community of his art, have yet to be caught; the online community stepped up in a big way.

With some assistance, Davenport was able to get a GoFundMe account set up and the response has been incredible. In roughly 24 hours, Davenport’s GoFundMe raised approximately $24,000 or $1,000 an hour. The donations have exceeded each goal when it was set, including the last goal of $20,000.

As for the crime, Athens Clarke County Police said they are investigating the crime and are looking for the driver of a gold Dodge Caravan seen on surveillance camera at the time of the incident. Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1000 reward for information leading to arrest of the suspect. Tip line: 706-705-4775.

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