Friday , September 25 2020
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Gulf State Park installs beach toyboxes to recycle fun and protect the environment | News

It’s a simple concept: need a toy, take a toy. Have a toy, leave a toy.

However, Gulf State Parks’ new toyboxes have more than one purpose.

Gulf State Park joined Orange Beach in adding toyboxes to their beach access points.

Anyone can take or leave a toy, as long as they make sure to leave behind only footprints.

The toyboxes allow kids to share and recycle toys, while also keeping the beach clean at night, making it safe for sea turtles and other wildlife, who often nest in the area.

“It can be confusing, and, if there is any netting attached to the plastic they can get tangled up in. They can get tangled up very easily,” said Cindy Langston with Gulf State Park.

You can find the new shark themed toyboxes stationed at the beachfront pavilion, pier, and campground access site.

The toyboxes are for anyone to use.

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